The original leather phone card holder

Amazon's Choice 5 years running. 240,000+ happy customers.

100% leather. The real stuff.

Our customers have told us that their Wallaroos outlast the valuables they hold and the devices they're attached to.

Custom-designed friction interior to ensure nothing falls out. Because canceling a credit card and standing in line at the DMV for a new license sucks.

what your friends are saying

I'm really happy with the look and adhesion of this awesome leather card holder. Perfectly holds my driver's license and a credit card. Love it.


The best phone wallet you can buy. I’ve bought about 5 in the last two years. Not because they don’t last, they do, I just like to buy one to match each new case I get.


Lasted an entire year of heavy use with no problems. Can't imagine life and work without it. Price point is totally worth it.

the wallaroo wristlet
Minimalist, functional style - wrapped around your wrist
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