How to make a phone card holder that lasts

How do you make a premium quality stick on phone card holder that will last for years?

First, let's consider potential points of failure:

  1. Wallets can break apart in the stitches between the leather pieces
  2. Wallets can fall off a cell phone after they are stuck on
  3. Wallets can stretch too much and no longer hold cards effectively

Did you know? : Sticky double-sided adhesive tapes expire in ~5 years if not used, so we ensure that all tape is brand new. This means if you buy a very old sticky item they usually don’t stick very well!

Final Goal Product:

This blog post is meant to explain how we got such good reviews for durability and what sets Wallaroo apart!



#1 Stitches

In order to make the stitches last for a very long time we must stitch the wallet towards the center rather than near the edge.

The Blue Arrow shows the small gap between the edges. The edges which are then sealed with a Wax-like epoxy to add strength. This ensures minimal edge tear.

Our testing indicates that having the stitches right on the edge of the wallet leads to the wallet breaking apart after about a month. Using this improved process of stitching towards the center helps us ensure the durability of our product - well worth the increased manufacturing costs.

#2 Falling Off

We use premium 3M 300LSE adhesive. While some of our competitors save money and cut corners by getting off-brand or less sticky adhesive, we know that the adhesive is the only thing keeping your wallet stuck to your phone, and our goal is for every wallet to out last the phone or case that it's attached to.

Fun Fact:  Most transfer tape adhesives are at their maximum strength ~24 hours after being stuck on the the cell phone. That means you should wait 24 hours if you want maximum strength, but within a few minutes it’s usually 70-80% of its strength after being stuck on the phone.

#3 Stretching

Our initial prototypes had an overstretching problem,, but we solved it by adding a line of stitching on the top of the wallet. This stitching cross-over added enough stretch while still allowing it to go back to its initial form.

You can see the ends are capped in a wax-like epoxy and cut to size as a final measure to ensure no loose threads.

Note: Different thread & stitching types have differing abilities to stretch; depending on which ones you buy they may be more or less elastic!


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